Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Couple of More Thank Yous

Glitter Retreat happened to fall right before my birthday so I was very spoilt and received some very special gifts.

 My favorite trio of traveling buddies, Beth, Glenda & Peggy, got me this adorable truck complete with a crown and Paper Crown logos. As you can see it is also a light and has to be the cutest thing ever. I keep moving it around the store to find the perfect spot to showcase ALL of it's wonderfulness!

Apparently Jackie and I are starting to think alike! I ordered a cowgirl doll from our good friend Jenn of Noodle and Lou for a Retreat giveaway and guess what- I was thrilled to get a twin for my birthday complete with a cake. When we thought there might be a possibility Terri would not be able to teach the first name that came to mind was Jenn but then we realized if she taught at Retreat, none of the teachers could take her class and we weren't going to make that mistake again. Thank you Jackie and Jenn for my cowgirl- I love her and she will always remind me of ya'll and our Glitter Retreat.
Jenn will be at the store on Sat., Nov. 11th for a doll class. Sign ups will begin soon so keep checking. I know it will be a holiday doll and you will not want to miss. I have also heard that Jenn might- keep your fingers crossed- be here for Glitter Market on Nov. 4th- YIPPEE! Hopefully she will also be bringing a friend who I have wanted at the store for years- sorry girls a little pressure. We are loved and wanted!

 This beautiful mosaic crown ornament is from a very special friend. She is one of the kindest people I know She is a real trooper and will walk a million miles for you- Really! Timi I'm so glad you were able to take off school and join us for some fun; it is always a pleasure.
This queen caught a ride in the bed of a pick up because she was more comfortable there than on her throne. Nellie made this adorable Lovely ( I'm not sure that is the right word) with my picture and a crown. Nellie is so very talented and I love seeing what this Tulsa friend has created. thank you Nellie!
And then there was this! Nan is the Paper Crown queen of stitching and she so outdid herself with this beauty. I can't imagine the hours and sore fingers it must have taken to make this . It is the most thoughtful and special gift. A true reflection of the store and all of the special people who have crossed paths and become friends.
 I think this cool Angie original sums it up....
 Thanks all ! You are the very best of friends! OX

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Merry, Merry Christmas is Out

About half of the Christmas is out today and the rest will be out tomorrow after tonight's class ( we still have a few spots if you aren't busy! ) First come first serve, no holds. You will love it I promise!



Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Heart Full of Gratitude

I have been struggling for a week on this post. I felt I needed to word everything just right so you ALL would know how much you meant to me, how each and everyone of you has made an impact on me and finally, how I consider ya'll  my little gifts from God. So as I was wrestling with what to say, the time passed and I realized I was probably having the opposite effect. Sometimes it is best just to say it even though it is a jumbly mess and hope that your friends know you well enough to "get it . "
In the meantime, I have spent a lot of time the past week thinking about each and everyone of you. It has been a very happy week!

First, I would like to thank each of you who attended the retreat. I specifically opened up this retreat to those of you glitter girls who have supported the store and the retreats for all of these years. Without you there would be no store, no classes, no retreat and certainly no happy place! Ya'll collectively spent a lot of money on retreat, took off work, drove hours to get here, paid for a hotel, paid for a flight, came in your wheelchair- twice : ), left your recovering family, drove back and forth a million times a day, risked getting very sick- basically you all pulled a lot of strings to get here and we all appreciate it. Over the years I have realized time and time again that our tribe is very special. You are will never be replaced, you are that one perfect moment that is never ever duplicated. Thank you girls!

Next , thank you Jackie, Bobbie, Angie and Terri. Each of you always exceed my expectations and always seem to have an unlimited amount of energy.  I'm basically a slug but have managed to surround myself with energizer bunnies who make me look pretty darn good. Each of you possess an amazing amount of artistic talent and together you are a super nova. You have each made a shining impact on us and we are all so blessed to have 4 of the best.

  Terri we appreciate you leaving your dream like studio to come south, we all solder and look so much better because of you. Angie, so so glad Becky brought you into our world. You make us all smile and I love your young spirit. If you ever get all those creative projects from your brain to reality the world will be flooded with your fun art. Bobbie, it was so fun to have you back home! We missed you and your sweet spirit and those amazingly detailed projects. It's amazing you came up with that horse in a couple of hours. Jackie, honestly it has all been said so many times before but we could not do this without you. You keep me on track and then complete everything I thought I could do but really couldn't. You have kept us all creating over the years and we are so very grateful for you- our most talented friend!

Amy you are the one who keeps this place running during retreat. Every job I don't want to do you gladly take on and single handedly keep every one's bags and purchases straight. You have had my back from the very beginning and I couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect. Wanna move south?

Most of you know this story but I think it is worth repeating, especially because it kept playing through my head all weekend of the retreat. When I bought the store 12 years ago I was without a doubt at the worst point in my life. Absolutely everything had fallen apart and I was blindsided and knocked squarely on my tush. So I did what you are never to do, make a major decision during the chaos of a major change. Not only did I lose my husband but I also lost my crafty friend, the one I created class parties, costumes and backdrops, elaborate kid parties and just about any craft project you can imagine. I remember thinking I would never ever have another friend to do that kinda stuff with again. I sincerely believe God has a sense of humor because he replaced that person with so many more true friends who are much more creative and a whole lot nicer. God's plan is always so much grander than anything we can imagine.
 I also remember thinking I would never be able to go vacation again and I have had the joy of traveling to creative adventures with most of you and know our season of travels is no where near the end. So while Paper Crown might be your happy place, you brought happiness back to me. Thank you for rescuing me, restoring me, and bringing friendship and hope back into my life. I love you all dearly!

Monday, October 16, 2017

This Week- 10/16/17

A couple of classes and some store favorites are here this week.


Coral Water Color
Wed., Oct. 18th
Angie, $45
To sign up for classes call Paper Crown

 at 405 848-2389

Paper Crown
 will be closed Sat., Oct. 21st

New shipment of Somerset Studios magazines

lots and lots of velvet!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Classes for October

After a quick breather from Glitter Retreat we are back with some fun October classes and Glitter Market the first weekend in November.

Coral Watercolor
Wed., Oct. 18th
Angie, $45


Halloween Little House of Cards
Thurs., Oct 19th
Jackie, $45

Pour Pumpkin
Wed., Oct 26th
Angie, $45
Glitter Market
Sat., Nov. 4th
Noodle and Lou Holiday Doll
Sat., Nov. 11th
Jenn McGlon*
more info coming soon!
spaces will be limited
To sign up for classes call Paper Crown at 405 848-2389
We will be closed today, Thursday Oct. 12th
open on Friday, Oct 13th at 10

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Paper Crown will be Closed Tomorrow Oct 12th

We will be closed tomorrow but open Friday at 10. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Glitter Corral 2017

I have been playing catch up the last couple of days. Still reliving this past weekend in my head and wishing it hadn't passed so very quickly. It was a fun and creative weekend for our family- and I mean that word in the truest sense.

I have a post I have been needing to do since Saturday night but still don't quite have it whittled down to a cohesive message. At the moment it is more like a jumbled up mess of teary sentiments. It is truly my most important Glitter Retreat post so stay tuned.

Each year I could kick myself for not taking more pictures. I did better this year but it is still no where near what I had hoped. Guess that is why we have the amazing Miss Jackie. She can do it all -
take pictures, teach class, bake cookies all at the same time. Just in case you are new to Paper Crown, you can follow Jackie's day by day recap of Glitter Corral There are several posts but this is the first.

Here are a few of the favorites I took last weekend, as I said,  not a comprehensive recap but some fun highlights. Enjoy Glitter Gals; you are loved!

We switched things up a little this year and started off the retreat with a field trip to Pawhuska to visit the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile. No celebrity sightings possibly because she was on the cover of People last week. We had a great time shopping and eating and eating!

Fun "vintage postcard " style coloring card by Angie. Be on the lookout for a fun twist at Glitter Market



Beautiful stitched journal made by our own Peggy!

Someone can not be trusted to shop on Ebay- but all of these ribbons sure did add some color to our decorations.

A great class with the talented Terri Brush. We were so glad she was able to join us! We love you Terri